ABIConsult™ also places ABILinx™at your service - a vital tool for Quality Planning in companies of the automotive sector. By means of client satisfaction surveys developed with the support of the leading automotive companies, ABILinx™ offers a true picture of the quality of products and services based upon the needs and expectations of your clients.

No matter how complex your operational environment is, with ABILinx™ you will be prepared to make the toughest decisions, by identifying:

  • Requirements to stregthen competitive position;

  • Relative importance of the various components of the product or service;

  • Client needs for the utilization of QFD methodology;

  • Priorities for the establishment of action plans;

  • Objectives and indicators from the Client perspective for the Balanced Scorecard.
ABILinx™ is essential to meet the most demanding business evaluation criteria, such as the National Quality Award (similar to the Malcolm Baldrige Award) and the ISO TS 16949.

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